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Server Rules
  • Please do not post any NSFW (Not Safe For Work) content. This includes and applies to anything ranging from pornographic to offensive or morbid content in written/video/image or audio format. Foul language will also not be tolerated.
  • Do not spam chat. Spam can be fun, but too much spam makes chats hard to both moderate and follow.
  • Avoid strong slurs and other offensive/sensitive content. This includes racism, sexism, suicide/self-harm, religious discrimination and other sensitive/offensive content.
  • Do not start online fights or participate in bullying other participants. Bringing personal conflicts into general chats will not be tolerated, and issues you have with other users should be discussed through DM.
  • Do not ask for roles.
  • Do not harass/spam Raptr team members. This includes their DMs. If you need assistance, please use the #create-ticket and a member of the team will help you!
  • Any other actions that cause problems will be dealt with as necessary. If its not specifically listed here does not mean it allowed. Please avoid any drama and negativity for the sake of the community.
  • As a general practice, think before you type. Keep the feelings of others in mind, and recognize that as a server member, you are held to a certain standard. Respect everyone, and contact an admin/moderator if you have any questions.